Updates and improvements to Cevoid.

  • November 15, 2022
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    Multi-market support for Email widgets

    Hello everyone, we have some updates for everyone before we head into the Black Friday / Cyber Monday period of the year 🛍

    It’s now possible to add embed email widgets in all your marketing languages. There’s no change in how you create widgets and no, you don’t need to create a new one for each language. Simply click the Embed widget button and you will see a list of the widget for all different markets!

    Instagram custom views

    You can now build your own filters to limit the amount of images seen from Instagram. This can be useful when you want see content that has completed all specific criteria. For a competition for example!

    Change: Auto playing video in galleries

    As a first step in improving performance across our galleries we have limited the amount of video that is autoplaying at once. Now the first video in each load-more batch will autoplay, not all videos at the same time. We want to autoplay as many videos as possible without causing a negative experience for the end-user. So more updates regarding autoplaying video will follow the coming weeks. Stay tuned

    Improvements & features

    • Improved UX for translations to always match a market. Translating content should now be much easier to understand

    • You can now change the username of all direct uploads and admin uploads

    • Product page galleries now always show the specific product as the first tagged product

    • It’s now possible to access product feeds that are password protected

    • Pending posts are now visible in the specific upload folder

    • Decreased the speed of product syncs for WooCommerce to not overwhelm server

    • Downloaded media now contains the creators username

    • You can now trigger a historical import for a specific creator on the creator page

    • Added a video icon for videos in the galleries to highlight that they are videos

    • Email widgets now display discounted pricing

    • Improved video compression during upload

    • Speeded up the search engine for products

    • Added a checkbox on the Shopify product page block to hide gallery if the product does not have any posts

    • Improved the UX when pinning a post in a gallery to make it less confusing

    • Made it clearer that you need to enable conversion analytics for conversion to appear in the analytics funnel

    • Optimized back-end for BFCM

    • General UX design improvements


    • Fixed a bug where “From” was not hidden if you had enabled the “Hide prices” option

    • Fixed a bug where the search result would not show all results when scrolling

    • Changed the default formatting for USD to use ‘periods’ as decimal delimiter

    • Fixed a bug on the “collage style” where a video would break the layout

    • Fixed a bug where the Upgrade popup could not be used to upgrade your account on certain plans


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • October 21, 2022
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    We released another product update 🔥

    Import historical posts for influencers / creators

    It is now possible to import historical post from influencers / creators when creating them. The posts will be imported into the inbox and influencer view. Furthermore, it is possible to enable auto-approve. When enabling auto-approve, post of the new influencer / creator will automatically be approved and published to your galleries.

    New gallery attributes for a better developer experience

    All galleries and cards by default automatically match to a market that is set up in Cevoid. We have added a new feature where the market of the gallery can be programatically set through an attribute called data-market. Not only can it force markets on galleries, but also on cards.

    Furthermore, it is possible to override a currency of a market. For example, a store could use a Swedish market however, if you want Euro’s instead of Swedish Krona, the currency can be overridden. The market currency can be overridden through the attribute: data-market-currency.

    Finally, we have added the possibility to hide product prices all together. This is possible through the data-hide-prices attribute.

    For more information, a full tutorial is available on:

    Search by username and filter by product category / brand

    We have added the possibility to search for posts from a specific username on the library page. The search can be accessed by using [ctrl + f] or [command + f].

    Moreover, it is now possible to filter posts on product brands and product categories. These can also be used as sources for galleries!

    Improvements & features

    • Added a created date for an influencer / creator

    • Improved username input at

    • General optimisation for the backend

    • General UX design improvements


    • Fixed a bug where the hotspot of a product was under the tooltip.

    • Fixed a bug in the Cevoid gallery in Shopify where data-product attribute was added on all galleries on the product page.

    • Fixed an issue where the data of an instagram post wasn’t shown correctly. Also changed “Created” to “Imported” hence an instagram post is not created but imported.

    • Fixed an issue where the search input was not in the center in some occasions

    • Fixed a small issue in getting started where the tutorial could not be completed by having no teammates.

    • Fixed a bug where notifications (snacks) were not reseted resulting in multiple notifications could pop up at once.


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • October 07, 2022
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    October product update, lets go! 🕺

    Cards (new feature)

    We’ve long had support for single post embeds. But these embed have lacked any customization or styling to be made. This changes today with a new featured called Cards! The easy way to turn any image, video or social post into an embedable + shoppable post that you can use anywhere on your website.

    Cards work great for:

    • Blogposts

    • Newsletters

    • Lookbooks

    • Single images on information sections

    • and much more!

    We still have support for single embeds but will gradually phase them out. We recommend you try out the new feature and turn your static images and videos into content that can actually convert!

    Improvements & features

    • Video popups now play sound by default. This can be turned off for any gallery in the settings.

    • You can now select if you want the product hotspots to always show or if they should be visible on hover.

    • We have added Infinity scroll loading to the Grid and Masonry style galleries.

    • General UX improvements to the platform

    • Added a setting for galleries where you can disable the hover effects on products cards to swap images.

    • Improved the Market forms for product feeds where you now can name a feed to keep track of what products in includes. We also added some extra form validation to make the UX easier to understand.

    • Added a short command to be able to copy the market id for a market.

    • We’ve added an attribute to the galleries so that developers can force a market to be loaded instead of the URL auto-matching.

    • You can now see the emailaddress of the person who has uploaded a post to you.

    … and of course we smashed some bugs!


    • Fixed a bug on the galleries that made it possible to have styling that interfered with each other.

    • Fixed a bug where the volume button was not clickable on mobile devices.

    • Fixed a bug when designing the cards that made the card overflow the screen.

    • Fixed a bug where some posts would return the incorrect username.

    • Fixed a gallery bug that loaded larger images that were needed on some breakpoints


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • September 16, 2022
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    Short format video

    Hope everyone has had an amazing summer ☀️

    Today we’ve got a big update for everyone that has been HIGHLY requested. We’ve finally launched full video uploading support. This includes multiple new features that we know you’re going to love.

    Uploading video
    We now support uploading of video in all upload forms. Customers, creators and influencers can now share their best videos with you directly in all uploads forms.

    Instagram Reels
    We now also support videos from Instagram Reels. These videos can be found when exploring content from Instagram from all different sources (mentions, tags and hashtags).

    In-house uploads
    We now also support video for in-house uploads. Click the purple upload button on the Library page and upload your best videos to your galleries in an instant!
    And as always some minor improvements and new features

    Improvements & features

    • We’ve added better support for Galleries with with the Grid format to be able to decide how many rows and columns should be visible on different responsive views.

    • We’ve fixed so that the grid layout always loads the correct amount of posts and should always align with the number of columns. No more messy load mores!

    • Added a filter for Instagram explore pages that ignores posts from the main account if they have mentioned the main account in their own posts.

    • Added better warnings if connections to third-party accounts have been lost

    • Influencers with pending posts are now marked in the creator overview

    • Improvements to the product sync

    • General UX improvements to the platform

    … and of course we smashed some bugs!


    • Fixed an issue with the uploading component for company logos that would crop the image weirdly.

    • Fixed an issue where Shopify stores received an error when installing

    • Fixed a bug where some approved posts would still be displayed in the Inbox

    • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to change the name of an upload form

    • Fixed a bug where the Klaviyo feed would include non-approved posts

    • Klaviyo feeds now correctly uses the latest photo first

    • Fixed a bug where you could have multiple default markets, this is not possible anymore


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • July 19, 2022
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    Summer update, conversion and markets

    Hi everyone! Hope you are enjoying your summer vacations and that you get to spend some time in the sun! ☀️

    Conversion analytics

    Conversion analytics is now available for everyone to enable! See how people interact with your posts and what value Cevoid brings to your website. So far we’re seeing great numbers for a lot of stores!

    You enable it by adding a script to your checkout page and information about tracking in your cookie disclaimer. All information can be found here:

    Updated markets

    Sometime you need to take a few steps back before you can go forward. This is what we’ve been doing the last few weeks. We’ve now released updated markets to make it easier to set up different languages and currencies in the galleries. Our new market logic makes it easier for us to keep track of your product catalogue and keep things synced when data changes.

    New market support allows you to:

    • Fully customize how the price for the market should look visually. You can now select if you want the currency to display after or before the value. If you display decimals and if it should use a dot or a comma to separate etc.

    • Add multiple Google shopping feeds to the same market in case your feeds are split up for the same market

    • Easier set up since a market and feed are now merged together

    • Easier management of translations since markets can now share languages

    Improvements & features

    • You can now exclude content in galleries if you don’t want to show specific posts.

    • You can now change the name and link of an in-house uploaded post by clicking the icon of a post to credit the actual user

    • In-house uploaded content is now automatically approved

    • Added a visual indicator to show which posts a workspace already had prior access to or where a request had been overridden

    • You can now add multiple Google shopping feeds to the same market in case your feeds are split up for the same market

    • Added new Instagram tagged and mentioned posts to the weekly summary email

    • General UX improvements across the app

    • Added safety fallback on all scripts to securely serve scripts in case of an outage on our service provider.


    • Fixed a bug where you could not change the hex color on the colorpickers

    • Fixed a bug in analytics where the dates for a period where displaying incorrectly

    • Fixed a bug in the gallery where the background opacity would animate to 1 opacity instead of desired value

    • Fixed a bug where the incorrect price would be displayed for upgrading your account and also improved the signup flow when selecting a plan

    • Fix to make sure the order of posts in a fallback gallery are correctly displayed


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • June 20, 2022
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    Infrastructure improvements and new functionality

    The last 2 weeks we’ve ran into problems with data synchronisation for product catalogues. All of these have been solved now and as a result a much better infrastructure for handling high workload and scale as been implemented. Things should feel faster and snappier when syncing data and performing heavier tasks.

    New functionality

    • Added functionality to be able to change the username and profile link for a post uploaded by the company to be able to showcase the real user

    • Able to view the email of an uploaded post by hovering the username of a post

    • Added a field on a post where the company can add insightful information. For example: “Person X is wearing size Medium and is 180cm tall”

    • Added the possibility to duplicate a gallery if you want the exact same gallery design but different content

    • Added functionality to decide how out of stock products should be displayed (Hide, display with out of stock text or show as normal)

    Fixes & Improvements

    • Improved the product search behaviour to be more robust under heavy load and traffic

    • Improved visual feedback when we are syncing data from Instagram for the first time

    • Improved empty state of pages without content to indicate that content is loading or does not exist

    • Changed all emails to display in lowercase in the email history

    • Sent emails always said 0 emails sent when emails actually had been sent

    • Wrong amount of opened emails reported in email history

    • Correct image from Google shopping feed now imported for on hover images

    • Fixed a bug where prices did not round up or down when the setting was active in galleries

    • Fixed a bug where Powered by Cevoid was showing even though the setting was disabled

    • Translation settings pages have an updated UI and is easier to work with

    • Improved how usernames are listed in both the platform and gallery

    • Fixed a bug where the last 7 days of Instagram posts only listed content for the last 2 days

    • Improved the layout when adding products to images

    • Improved the UI of the analytics page and added some informational warnings about potential setup issues

    • Fixed an issue where autoplay of videos did not happen in galleries

    • Changed all color pickers to always show the companies accent color first

    • In galleries if no products are tagged, display the whole caption

    • Improved the realtime sync for product syncs

    • Added counts on the Instagram tabs under Instagram pages


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • May 19, 2022
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    New Instagram explore

    This week we are launching an updated Instagram explore page. We have spent time on improving the load speed specifically on tagged and mentions pages. We have also made it possible to remove posts in these views that you are not interested in. You can now achieve an inbox zero.

    Basic Analytics

    We are also happy to launch the basic version of our analytics feature as a beta. You can now see how your galleries are performing on your website. Some of the metrics are: Gallery/Post views, Gallery loads, Gallery/Post clicks, Product clicks, etc. We are happy to hear your feedback.

    Fixes & improvements

    • Basic analytics, gallery views, loads, clicks (

    • See posts that you have removed to undo actions for regular posts

    • Possible to remove unwanted Instagram posts in the explore view

    • Faster loading on the Instagram explore page

    • Video posts on instagram explore now has support for sound and play/pause

    • Cards in mobile format now always show the price popup

    • Better tutorial information for Instagram requests

    • Added page where you can see/restore removed Instagram posts

    • Highlight product when hovering on hotspot

    • Add text "from" on primary product prices in the galleries

    • Fix bug in product sync where some products went missing

    • Fix bug where the scroll experience for popup on mobile behaved strangely

    • Fix bug where fallback gallery was loading even though setting was not active

    • Fix bug where galleries showed even though the customer had no pricing plan be


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • April 07, 2022
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    Product variants & Improved product tagging

    We found that the product tagging experience was lacking for customers with larger product catalogues. Therefore, the last couple of weeks have been focused on improving the support for product variants and in general improve the product tagging experience.

    This improvement includes updates such as better search (search by sku, title, url, id etc.). It also supports fuzzy search incase you happen to make any spelling mistakes. There’s also a much faster initial load time in the platform which is always a top-priority for us.

    We also have better support for product variants in the form that variants will share content with each other.
    A tagged variant will therefore show up on a sibling variant which makes filling up product page galleries a breeze!

    We’ve also added the  possibility to rearrange the order of tagged products as well as tagging products without adding a “hotspot” since the product might not always be relevant to highlight.

    Fixes & improvements

    • Possible to tag products without adding a hotspot

    • Possible to reorder tagged products on a post

    • Support for product variants

    • Fix bug where "I already have access to this post" click did not refresh the inbox

    • Added option to display product name and product price under the posts in email widgets

    • Added option to change image on the Influencer log in page

    • Added option to change a posts hover opacity

    • Added aspectRatio on product media for Shopify customers

    • Added info in product search to show which products are archived (just like we do with "draft")

    • Fix hide caption for instagram captions

    • Updated copy in request flow

    • Possible to update google shopping feeds

    • Analytics test data is now persistent util advanced analytics are enabled

    • Fix bug where google login did not find account by email

    • Fix issue where requested posts where missing aspectRatio and hash

    • Added aspectRation, thumbnail and hash to VIDEO posts

    • Fix bug in product sync for Nordisk e-handel customers

    • Fix bug where product media was missing on some products for Nordisk e-handel customers

    • Fix bug where email widget styling was breaking in outlook


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • April 01, 2022
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    Gallery performance + bug fixes

    This week we have started rolling out the analytics feature as a closed beta for some of our users. Aside from that we have improved the performance of our galleries (especially in Safari) as well as some new features/settings.

    Fixes & improvements

    • Product layout in email widgets

    • Smaller UI scale in platform

    • Improved lazy loading of images in Safari

    • Improved selection of gallery image size in Safari, should now pick correct size depending on screen size

    • Added the possibility to connect multiple instagram accounts as an influencer (

    • Added the option to hide prices on specific markets

    • Fixed bug where some users needed to logout and login to see changes in the platform

    • Fixed bug where galleries blocked other javascript to run (1-2 sec) on initial page load

    • Fixed bug where the upload page crashed when pressing the upload button on mobile devices


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • March 17, 2022
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    Email widgets + Klaviyo integration

    This week we are happy to release a highly requested feature called Email widgets. This makes it possible to use content from Cevoid in all of your emails (marketing, newsletter, post-purchase, etc). If you are using Klaviyo as your email platform we have also added support for abandoned cart, post-purchase and other product related emails. These widgets will change content depending on the product in the email.

    Try it out here:

    Fixes & improvements

    • Fixed bug where some post purchase emails was not sent

    • Added limit for emails sent on different plans

    • Added option to round off prices to closest whole number on Google shopping feeds

    • Added link to instagram profile on posts in the platform

    • Fixed bug where one could not close the upload popup in mobile

    • Fixed bug where duplicated post-purchase emails where queued


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • March 04, 2022
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    Advanced Gallery fallback behaviors

    This week we improved our fallback galleries. When the original gallery don't have enough posts we will now fill out the remaining slots with posts from the fallback gallery. As before we replaced the gallery when there where no posts. With this improvement you will no longer experience that awkward amount of 1-3 posts in a gallery.
    We also added the option to add category based fallback posts.

    Fixes and improvements

    • Improved fallback gallery behaviors

    • Fixed bug where pinned posts still showed after being removed

    • Fixed bug where fallback galleries fetched too many posts

    • Shopify products should now be updated instantly in our platform when they have been changed or created

    • Made it possible to switch plans freely during trail period

    • Instagram feed posts are no longer auto approved by default

    • Fixed bug where slug was not generated from the username

    • Fixed bug where overriden requests marked wrong steps as done

    • Smaller copy fixes in the platform


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • March 03, 2022
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    Dynamic product ads support

    By request we have added support for Dynamic product ads. Users who use Google shopping feed integration now get a generated feed with their Cevoid content that they can use to enrich their google ads and facebook ads.

    Fixes and improvements

    • Tagged products that has no url will be hidden in the galleries

    • Added support for Dynamic product ads

    • Fixed issue where filtering of posts did not work

    • Norweigan bokmål and Norweigan nynorsk have been replaces with Norweigan

    • Hide approved requests in Instagram find and explore flows

    • Removed script from Google shopping feed page

    • Fixed image on Influencer portal to be large when less than 20 images

    • Notifications now toggle read when you click on them

    • Fixed bug where bulk select sometimes showed as it had selected posts even though no posts where selected.

    • Increase number of products shown in "preview product" when building galleries

    • Remove "write a review" step in quick start guide for Mystore users

    • The actual product tags now links to the product

    • Cards now always have visible tags and open the popup by default

    • Only show discount if the discounted price is lower then the original price

    • Fixed bug where sources did not show in gallery builder

    • Added option welcome description field to upload forms

    • Fix bug where users could not login to Influencer portal on some mobile devices

    • Fix bug where slider only showed 4 posts when the setting was 6 posts

    • Fix bug where select box was visible on newly approved posts

    • Fix bug where one could not whitelist users without entering their email


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • February 24, 2022
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    While we are hard at work finalizing the analytics feature as well as the email gallery feature we did have some time to solve bugs and add a couple of minor improvements. One of the bigger improvements this week must have to be the Weglot integration we built for Shopify stores. We will make this feature available for more of our users in the near future.

    Fixes and improvements

    • Fixed tags on mobile for images that are small

    • Fixed tag text color for tooltips to always be black

    • Fixed bugg where product name didn't show on active filters

    • Added button to manually sync new products

    • Fixed bug in Inbox where the posts didn't show until a page reload

    • Show hashtags in gallery captions

    • Whitelisted influencer posts are now shown under each Influencers page

    • Removed profile picture background color if user has uploaded an image

    • Added option to turn off claps in gallery styling

    • Moved upload button to inbox page

    • Added manual sync button for IG feed

    • Sync instagram posts every hour

    • Added a custom class to the Cevoid Shopify section to make it easier to style with css

    • Added support for whitespace as a number delimiter in Google shopping feed prices

    • Make Icon smaller for post tag view

    • Post sliders now react to wheel events so that you can swipe left and right

    • Fix bug in Inbox where remove/approve action didn't update the post for some users


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • February 17, 2022
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    Inbox + multi request messages + translations

    This week we have published 2 new features and reworked one that we already had but needed some improvements. You will now find a new item in the menu that is called Inbox. This is where all new posts will end up until you have approved or declined them. The posts view will from now only include approved posts.

    We have added support for creating multiple request messages when working with Instagram requests. This way you can predefine messages, for example in different languages or tonality.

    The translations page has been reworked and we have made it easier to get started by adding predefined translations for 21 languages.

    Fixes and improvements

    • Add Integration banner to Integrations overview

    • Updated language select dropdown

    • Updated request message settings on Instagram settings page

    • Added a max-width for galleries in the gallery builder

    • Made gallery styling available for the Instagram shop plan

    • Added "You have unsaved changes" modal when leaving a gallery or translation without saving

    • Updated the Inbox posts slider

    • Whitelisted influencers should now be displayed with their name in the Influencer page

    • Fixed frontend bug that made the gallery flicker when hovering product images

    • Fixed bug where, for some users, nothing was clickable after closing the product tagging modal

    • Improved loading speed on the on-site upload form

    • Possibility to navigate between posts with arrows (left and right)

    • Hide product tags in mobile

    • Moved upload-form translations to the translations page

    • Fix bug in upload form that cropped images wrong for users using older versions of safari and IE

    • Updated font size of the product price in the galleries

    • Posts will now remain marked after performing a bulk action. Press the deselect button in order to unmark


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

  • February 10, 2022
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    Instagram request by comment

    This week we added another option for users to request Instagram posts. You can now request posts via comment and DM (as before). Another nice feature is that posts that have been found through mentions can automatically be requested from our platform. No need to navigate to Instagram and paste your comment.

    New logo

    We are also very excited to announce that we have a new logo!
    Amazing work done by 🔥

    Fixes and improvements

    • Fix bug that prevented some users from adding new languages

    • "Get in touch" button on now works

    • Made more fields searchable in our product search

    • Fix format bug in markets domain

    • Add possibility to add new workspace (in account dropdown)

    • Possible to request Instagram posts by comment

    • Fix bug on Instagram explore page that showed errors for some users when requesting a post

    • Bugg with styling for gallery products in Filter popup

    • Remove "leave a review" in getting started for non-shopify stores

    • Fix bug that prevented the post popup to close for some users

    • Change text: "Guideline for terms of service"

    • Move descriptions on Instagram settings page

    • Product tag no longer shows a cursor if it's not clickable

    • Deleted hashtags are no longer visible in filters when there are no posts for that hashtag

    • Added setting to turn on / off auto-approval for Instagram feed

    • You should no longer be presented with a confirm modal when subscribing to a plan for the first time.

    • Remove logo option in Thank you email settings

    • Fix bug where tagged product overview sometimes showed a higher count than what actually was tagged.

    • Show all pricing as monthly by default

    • Connect Instagram on the dashboard now works as intended

    • The getting started experience should now be better for users with smaller screens

    • Show Instagram reconnect modal if an error was encountered with the connection

    • Add Instagram auto-approve posts to Onboarding

    • Add a date selector to select how far back you want to import Instagram posts from

    • Fix bug where videos in gallery builder become larger than it is in the normal feed

    • Copy to workspace bulk, only available and visible if you have multiple workspaces on your account

    • Disabling upload button in Collage gallery should now behave as expected

    • Fix bug where some product photos showed as broken images (Shopify only)

    • Posts from Instagram now shows the correct username in the platform

    • Posts counter on Instagram page (integrations) now shows correct count


    We got your feedback. Thank you!

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